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Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: Guide till konst utsmyckning for att undvika misstag

Att dekorera ett hem innehaller ofta konst och det ar ett faktum. Men som vi tycker om att designa, marker vi inte en eller tva konst som visar misstag som vi har gjort. Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants forstar sadana svarigheter, sa de gav till hjalp information om foljande punkter for att undvika dessa misstag.


Vissa manniskor gillar inte tanken pa att hanga konst for hogt. Du bor omprova att satta konst pa mycket hoga stallen. Bestam ratt langdhojd pa ett konstverk i ditt hus for att gora det mer balanserat till rymden nar det galler utseendet.


Folj ratt skala hela tiden. Om det finns ett storre utrymme, lagg inte en mycket liten konst pa den. Du kan lagga en liten konst pa den storre mattan eller tjockare ramen for att ge lite balans nar du lagger den pa storre vaggar. Om det ar din avsikt att ga ur skalan, se till att resten av sakerna inuti rummet ocksa ar av stor skala sa att besokarna vet att det ar gjord med andamal.


Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants diskuterade tidigare detta specifikt pa deras tidigare inlagg, men det ar verkligen viktigt att se till det bra resultatet av en vaggkollage. Bestam kanslan att det kommer att ge till en person nar han eller hon kommer in i rummet med collagen, se till att det ar positivt innan du borrar hal i din vagg.


Du kan vara modig och tillampa olika sorter. Du kan ordna olika dukar och inramad konst pa olika omraden, eller hang gobelanger och kla upp dynor. Konst kan hittas pa olika objekt, sa sok langt och brett och samla all skonhet du kan hitta for ditt hem.


Inte varje vagg behover en konstbit. Negativt utrymme eller tomma flackar i ditt hus kan vara lika effektiva om det genomfors korrekt, vilket ocksa kan ge lugn och gora andra designelement mer effektiva. Gor nagra mellanslag tomma med syfte att skapa mindre hektiska utrymmen. Ja, konst kan ge mer skonhet, men om du lagger for mycket kan det inte vara gladjande for ogonen langre.


Titta pa hela utrymmet helt och gor din konst ansluten till andra element som ingar i utrymmet ocksa. Lag dina dekorationer for att hamna i ett sofistikerat rum.


Se till att hanga konststycken sakert och ordentligt. Hangande konst pa en spik ska inte vara fallet med ditt konstverk. Var forsiktig nar du utsmycker ett rumsutrymme med konst, sa se till att du valjer ratt hangande verktyg och hardvara.


Inte alla konststycken ar konstruerade for vaggar. Blanda olika konststycken av nagon form till resten av ditt hus dar de kan sattas pa baksidan av din soffa eller pa toppen av en byra.


Folj fler inlagg fran Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants for mer expertrad om konstdekoration.

IBS Consultants corporate legal - What are ESOPs?


The concept of start-up business has gained an increased attention since the development of technology. Business and technologies go hand in hand, but while in the process to start a startup business, an entrepreneur must be equipped with all the necessary factors and elements of the business, that will result in sustaining the business in market for a longer period of time. Factors of business revolve around several technical and legal elements. To have a clear understanding of these factors, an entrepreneur must always take an expert by his/her side in order to effectively develop a strategy that will increase the business potential in the market. While we talk about experts, IBS Singapore makes the best choice for entrepreneurs to walk to, wherein business is provided with wide range of services like Incorporation services in Singapore, Compliance advisory services in Singapore and several other services related to financial reporting in Singapore and information security management services in Singapore. Start-ups also have to consider certain important areas of business, one of which ESOP is elaborated as below.


ESOPs – This became the catchphrase when IT companies like Infosys turned employees into millionaires overnight post IPO and a with a series of annual ESOP offerings. An acronym for Employee Stock Option scheme, ESOPs refer to plans that give employees the right to purchase a certain number of company’s shares in lieu of salary.


The startup ecosystem has witnessed various companies like Flipkart, Skype, Facebook, and Amazon offering ESOPs to its employees and has seen an increasing number of Indian startups following suit.


In this edition, we will look at the ESOPs and discuss the pros and cons of the gamble for a Startup.


ESOP trend in Start ups


2016 saw some successful startup acquisitions where the employees made huge gains and become crorepatis with ESOPs – most notable being the buyout of Citrus Pay by online service provider PayU. The $130 million acquisition made 15 employees crorepatis, that included even an office boy who took home Rs.50 lakhs. The Citrus Pay crorepatis encashed their ESOPs and hit the jackpot. The second half of 2016 especially saw an increase in the mergers & acquisitions of startups.


The startup ecosystem is currently marked by mergers & acquisitions and buyouts. The trend is likely to continue as funding gets increasingly difficult. Startups have two ways to encash their ESOPs – through listing or when it is bought. The latter is a more realistic option, since listing looks a bleak possibility for any Indian start up. ESOPs are more of a lottery and as startups move towards consolidation, the chances of winning this lottery brighten considerably.


ESOPs were made popular by IT legends couple of decades ago but the trend got revived by the startups with a vengeance. The ESOP case helps founders to attract talent, instill a feeling of ownership in their employees and also ease the monthly cash flow in the name of compensation in the initial bootstrap days.


The Flip side…


For every great story of exit of ESOP holders, there are a dozen others where companies have folded. In US too, there have been cases when a lot of paper millionaires ended up with nothing in their wallet when their stock options turned out to be worthless. Many a times, ESOPs don’t materialize.  Startup employees will have to assess and understand the risks while opting for ESOPs. While it is ok to take risks, it is necessary for an employee to ensure that he/she is not trading one’s basic necessities for ESOPs.


Part of the problem lies in the misleading or unclear communication about potential value by the prospective employer who wants to pitch it as pot of gold. Unless the investor or public actually pays for the value that the startup is commanding, all gains are notional.


Also, employees have inadequate understanding of the risks with ESOPs, payouts, and other issues like exercise price and fair value. Misleading information of this nature tends to give ESOPs a bad name, but one can’t really blame the vehicle for these ambiguities.


How Startups can use ESOPs?


For a Startup, ESOPs are a useful tool to not just attract but also retain high talent individuals who can participate in its journey. We are currently witnessing new shifts in the Indian job market, where enterprising individuals are opting to work for a passionate idea and are ready to take salary cuts in lieu of high rewards later. The onus is therefore on the founders to be able to communicate their vision and retain the right candidates through appropriate ESOPs. Besides enlisting employees as stakeholders, Startups can also aim for better working capital management in the initial years. 


The ESOP agreement should clearly lay down all the governing terms & conditions. Startups may either create trusts or create an ESOP pool to manage the functioning.  All the details of an employee’s grant should be correctly captured, right from the vesting period to even shut down – to avoid any discrepancies. While the ESOPs should take care of employee rights, Startups should safeguard their objectives and accordingly devise appropriate vesting periods and other terms for its employees. ESOPs provide a great opportunity to create wealth and the excitement and scope that it offers in a startup makes it worth the effort.

Phil Devin Real Estate: Always here for you!

In your every real estate venture, Phil Devin Real Estate promises to stay beside you and help you in each process involved. You can trust Phil Devin because he is a professional that has a good background on real estate industry. His service is often trusted by people in need of real estate assistance and his previous clients proved his good standing with their positive reviews and feedbacks.

It’s no wonder a lot of individuals continue to support and trust Phil Devin Consultants, showing its unfading strong reputation. Phil is equipped with skills necessary to deliver a responsive, comprehensive and personalized service.


Phil conducts property management very well to ensure that his clients won’t feel any disappointment in their endeavor. His effectiveness in doing his work attracts a lot of clients, thus it’s not surprising that he is chosen by some individuals to handle their real estate concern than other agents.

Your every thought and decision is crucial for Phil Devin so he puts them into careful consideration. He then prepares a thorough solution to give more foundation to your decision. Your plan to buy or sell a real estate won’t also be a problem to Phil because of his detailed and professional management.


If you’re currently having a hard time making a decision, Phil will help you come up with the decision you won’t even regret by giving you all the necessary information since his target is your satisfaction for a long period of time.

When he said that there are things that can be done, expect him to work on those after. He puts all effort to his work to not dissatisfy his clients. Honesty is also one of the building principles of Phil Devin Real Estate, thus there won’t be any kind of information hidden from you.


Since its beginnings, Phil Devin Consultants does not fail to deliver a better service and better results to individuals who need the help of an expert in real estate. Phil aims to make his small boutique-type agency not just a place for transactions, but also a place for building good and lasting relationships with people.


Enumerating all the good characteristics of Phil Devin Real Estate Consultants is not difficult but it is really famed for Phil’s honesty, professionalism, and integrity. Its loyal clients have already proved its worth, thus continues to choose this trustworthy property management agency among others.


About Us

Speak to anyone who has experienced the PROCESS of buying or selling Real Estate and often their findings are a combination of stress, disappointment and ultimately compromise! One of my many goals is to ensure your next move is a positive one.


I started Phil Devin Real Estate with one simple mission:  "To deliver RESULTS that exceed our clients EXPECTATIONS".


What does this mean for you?

- I know you're busy and I respect your time. When we set an appointment and I’ll be there.

- When I say something can be done…you can count on it.

- I don't try to snow people or hide information. I'm all about disclosure.

- I’m not in it for any one transaction - I’m in it for the long haul…the lifelong relationships.

- That means I’ll work to get the result you deserve.


Ultimately when you buy or sell with me, it comes down to your decision, what's right for you. My goal is to make sure you have enough information to make a decision you can be happy with down the track. When you choose me to help you buy or sell your home you can count on responsive, quality, comprehensive and personalized service.

"Disappointment is the difference between what a client EXPECTS and what the Agent DELIVERS"


I know that my clients are craving to deal with a 'professional' who can 'listen' to their individual wants and needs and provide solutions for them!

Phil Devin is that professional!

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore Island Hotels – What To Do

To some, Galveston will always be an island defined by its storied past, its 19th-century elegance, big-city ambitions, notorious seaport and even more notorious storms. But visitors to the island these days might be forgiven for thinking they’ve happened upon a new golden age, one even more glorious than the last.


From world-class museums to brand-spanking-new cruise ships, from the explosion in entertainment and dining options to the ever-growing number of places to stay, shop, and explore, this is not your grandfather’s Galveston – or your father’s, for that matter. Except that it is.


The atmosphere is still as warm and friendly as the breezes. The beaches – as beautiful and inviting as they’ve ever been- still go on forever. It’s Galveston as you always knew it, and always knew it could be.


Fortunately, the island offers a wide variety of accommodations, from swanky resorts and beach houses to budget-conscious lodging and cozy bed-and-breakfasts. Choosing the place that’s right for you may seem like an overwhelming task, but the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau is happy to help!


Moody Gardens Offers New Attractions, Discounts for Spring Break


Spring break is almost here and Moody Gardens is offering new attractions, experiences and discounts to provide an enjoyable daytrip or extended vacation at one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas.


Spring Break on a Budget


It’s that time of the year when the sun’s rays provide the perfect backdrop for dancing, partying and flirting during the annual freedom pilgrimage called Spring Break Galveston. It takes place March 1 – April 30.

Galveston’s Pier 21 – An All Day Affair


Galveston’s Pier 21 has restaurants, an exclusive hotel, marina, theater, harbor tours and attractions.


#LoveGalveston Photo Contest – A Chance to Win Cash, and Be the Face of Galveston


There’s nothing like spending “island time” with your family, taking in the Galveston coast while making memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. While your memories may be priceless, capturing them in a photograph could lead to some extra bonuses.


Get a Taste of Downtown Galveston


Galveston’s 70-block historic downtown is a veritable treasure chest of culture


10 Reasons You Should Get On “Island Time” in Galveston


The advent of spring in the Lone Star State heralds the arrival of warm weather, vibrant blue skies and blooming bluebonnets.


Exploring Galveston’s Past through Museums, Attractions and Historic Buildings


When visiting the beach or relaxing at one of Galveston’s renowned resort hotels, the island’s historic past might not be the first thing that comes to mind.


Group Activities Beckon & Abound on Galveston Island


If you’re looking for group activities, there’s plenty of things to on our charming little island.


An Art Lover’s Guide to Downtown


What comes to mind when you think of Galveston? Most visitors might say sand, surf and seafood; you may be surprised to know there’s a nice bit of art out there as well.


Rare & Endangered Pygmy Slow Loris Twins Born at Moody Gardens


Guests will see double in 2017 as the Moody Gardens Rainforest staff celebrated the birth of two small, fuzzy Pygmy Slow Loris twins in the Nocturnal Exhibit of the Rainforest Pyramid.


Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore Island Hotels Hope you experience this “causeway cure” where flip-flops replace dress shoes and the scenery.


Join a group thrilled you have decided to explore Galveston Island.

Fighting Online Fraud Through eDNA by Online Security

Long ago, a cartoon ran in The New Yorker, showing a canine seated at a desktop computer. “On the internet,” ran the caption, “nobody knows you’re a dog.”


The same premise holds true today and poses a knotty question in online commerce and FinTech: How do you know the person on the other end of a transaction is really who they say they are? And even if you do confirm their identity, how do you know that person can be trusted?


One firm, IdentityMind Global, provides real-time risk management and fraud prevention through “digital identities,” collecting data across dozens of parameters, separating the financial ecosystem into good actors — those deserving of trust (and completed transactions) — and, well, bad actors.


In an interview with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster, Garrett Gafke, president, CEO and founder of IdentityMind Global, said that the construction of digital identities, by necessity, goes well beyond data that might be thought of as standard, such as a street address, a credit card number or a two-factor security question test.


True merchant risk goes hand-in-hand with global digital commerce and, as Gafke described it, comes in the form of people with little or no history — no history of driver’s licenses, credit cards issued, traditional bank accounts or other standard bits of information. They may not even be scored by the traditional credit bureaus. Yet, these individuals are looking to do business and conduct transactions. Their would-be partners on the other end of the transaction must decide whether to enter into a relationship (however fleeting) with that consumer … or not.


Gafke noted that “transactions of any kind leave a kind of financial, online exhaust” and that each transaction has attributes that, taken together over time, ultimately, can be assembled into a digital identity. “This is real, current information,” said Gafke, “rather than just public, physical information. Good reputations are built slowly, while bad reputations come very quickly.”


That digital identity is established, as Gafke said, in IdentityMind Global’s platform, which links and finds correlations between disparate bits of information and transaction trails that “process, capture, rate and build overall profiles on online identities.” Emails, digital wallets and payments are all linked together, said the executive, to build a “trusted” digital identity.


“Trust” would be the operative word in the relationship between individuals and the firms with which they seek to do business. Trust would also extend to, and be colored by, the people associated with that individual or business. Consider how, in the age of social media, amidst concerns about money laundering, an individual might be viewed with demonstrable trails of following, say, terrorist-linked groups on Twitter.


In a recent whitepaper by the firm, IdentityMind Global also noted that additional data points may come from internet-enabled devices, which can, for instance, help bring location into consideration when determining good actors from bad and in screening across sanctioned individuals or nations.


Using these techniques, said IdentityMind Global in its whitepaper, can help reduce manual review time. There is also a financially positive impact, via a 60 percent reduction in transactional fraud from chargebacks and a 90 percent reduction in fraud that comes at the point of account origination.

Japanese government plans cyber attack institute by Online Security

The government of Japan will create an institute to train employees to counter cyber attacks. The institute, which will be operational early next year, will focus on preventing cyber attacks on electrical systems and other infrastructure. The training institute, which will operate as part of Japan’s Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA), is the first center for training in Japan to focus on preventing cyber attacks. A government source said that the primary aims will be preventing a large-scale blackout during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020, and stopping leaks of sensitive power plant designs. The source also stated that there is potential for a joint exercise in cyber awareness between the Japanese group and foreign cybersecurity engineers in the future. The counter cyber attack training institute will take 100 employees of electrical power and related firms and train them for a full year in Tokyo, using former hackers and cyber security experts as instructors. Funds will be allocated through an extra budget that is currently being compiled. Cyber security is a growing concern in Japan, where over 12 billion cyber attacks were reported in 2014 by the National Institute of Information Technology. The Japanese national police force reported that instances of cyber crime investigated by the police rose 40% from 2014-2015. In February of this year, a study at Cylance SPEAR identified a hacking group that was targeting Japanese infrastructure. While the group was involved mainly in spying activities and had yet to launch a disruptive or destructive attack, the report warned that the activity was likely to escalate. The need for a comprehensive cybersecurity training program focused on electrical infrastructure was highlighted after the December 2015 power outage in Ukraine, which left 230,000 citizens without power or heat. That attack, the first time a confirmed hack brought down a power grid, demonstrated the vulnerability of electrical stations to a malicious cyber attack. While employees were able to bring the systems back online in a few hours, the power station control centers were reportedly not fully operational for months after the attack. In June of 2015, Japan’s pension agency was illegally accessed, and the personal data of over 1 million users was leaked. Then, in January of this year, Japan’s Hokkaido University suffered a breach that resulted in the leak of personal data for 110,000 of its students. An unsecured server in the career placement office was believed to be the source of the hack.

SC Advisors Real Estate Development Owner’s Representation















Over the past 30 years our team has been committed to serving Principals and Owners in all types of real estate projects and transactions. Founded in 2005, SC Advisors has continued to build on that commitment to serve with a singular objective to understand and deliver for our clients. We are recognized for our rich history of signature projects and our ability to create and execute complex development plans and assignments. Our company's core disciplines include:


+ Owner's Representation (Development)

+ Owner's Representation (Design/Build)

+ Public/Private Development

+ Acquisition & Disposition

+ Investment/Trust Advisement



545 Delaney Avenue, Building 3 || Orlando, FL  32801 || 407-447-2620

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Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Tag team is winning formula for fraud bills

Investigators wield impact as expert constituent voices


A couple of years ago I blogged about how fraud investigators can be key to enacting strong fraud laws.


The state legislative season is heating up, so let’s revisit. We need to think of how to mobilize for action.


Lobbying legislators can be top-down and bottom-up.


Top-down involves national groups like the Coalition or insurers raising the issues with legislators. Often we testify before committees or the full chamber. That carries weight. We discuss the big picture, and how a state bill is good (or bad) for combating fraud from a larger viewpoint.


The bottom-up approach is the grassroots level. Investigators and other frontliners can take a lead role.


Investigators can wield great influence. State lawmakers listen to constituents. Local people put a local face on fraud bills. Investigators also are respected crime-fighting experts. That voice speaks convincingly to lawmakers. They may know little about a fraud bill — or the crime it combats.


A tag team is the best formula for rallying support for fraud laws: Local investigators work with national groups like the Coalition. We all bring vital strengths to the table.


State legislators usually don’t receive letters or messages about fraud issues. So when an investigator writes a letter, that could be the first time a legislator hears about the fraud bill, and why it’s good for the state.


This leads to my Rule of Five. One constituent letter raises few eyebrows in a legislator’s office. Five letters, and the legislator thinks about the issue. And 25 letters signals a groundswell of support. That can convince a legislator to support a fraud bill.


Enacting strong fraud laws has four positive goals. 1) Create an infrastructure for insurers to investigate and report scams; 2) Give fraud fighters laws and regs that are pillars for chasing down swindlers; 3) Oppose weak bills that undermine the fraud fight; and 4) Educate lawmakers about the benefits of strong fraud laws.


Together, our influence can place more fraud laws onto the books. We will educate lawmakers about how strong fraud laws benefit consumers throughout a state.


So let’s add a fifth goal for fraud laws: Empower consumers and insurers to better fight back against insurance fraud.


About the author: Howard Goldblatt is director of government affairs for the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

Japan Company Trust Organization: News Release

An international conference about fraud in Japan was held at a Tokyo Hotel. The conference was organized by NICE Actimize which is world's largest and broadest provider of financial crimes prevention solutions.


The agenda of conference was "Mitigating fraud in Japan, combating new fraud threats". Since Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) is supporting all forums for internet and Banking frauds, Mr. Hiromasa Suzuki director of JCTO attended the forum as Chairman of the conference. The participates addressed the conference about risk of internet and Banking fraud.



The main topics discussed were:


- Misuse of information and dispute resolution

- How to tackle Cyber-attack and Cyber-security

- How to prevent internet fraud

- Fraud risk management framework for financial institutions

- How to implement a successful internal fraud strategy

- Closing the fraud intelligence gap and role of the National Police Agency of Japan

- Lessons learned in deploying an effective cross-channel fraud prevention strategy


The participates from well-known fraud prevention agencies including National Police Agency (NPA) of Japan also answered questions from the audience and give valuable advice against cyber-crimes.

Different Lawyer Types In Singapore

Singapore is home to one of the best education systems in the world. Its high education level enables bright, young minds and aspiring individuals to achieve their dreams and become respected professionals in their own fields. Perhaps the industry that benefited the most from this favorable growth is the legal field, where thousands of lawyers have emerged to proliferate both in Singapore and around the world. There are many different types of lawyer, and each one has a specialization in a particular field. Presented below is a comprehensive list of titles, along with what they can do for you in times of legal issues:


  1. Criminal Defense

This lawyer type is probably the most celebrated lawyer type in and out of media. You can catch a glimpse of what they do in popular TV shows and movies, where they defend their clients against a criminal charge. Some of the most common cases they tackle are theft, the use or distribution of illegal drugs, speeding, and many more. Lawyers who defend their clients against criminal accusations are an integral part of the justice system, as they represent and try to prove an argument, parlaying against the full penalty or even waiving the charges if the client can be proven innocent.


  1. Public Interest

A Public Interest lawyer is more interested in protecting human rights above everything else, but on a much wider scale. They protect the public's interest; i.e, tackling health justice cases, environmental issues on a community scale, and putting disability rights to good use are some good examples of what they do. Their operation is akin to charity, but the rewards they gain are immense, as major changes can happen once they win a legal battle.


  1. Property and Real Estate

As Singapore's real estate is growing rapidly over recent years, Real Estate attorneys are getting much of the limelight these days. This lawyer type is mostly involved in handling legal disputes in regards to tenants and the respective landlords. Their expertise in real estate regulations and current laws put them in-between as mediators that have the capability to settle problems in a homeowner-neighbor property dispute. People from the real estate industry will always recommend to see a Real Estate attorney before signing any contract.


  1. Personal Injury

Personal Injury has recently seen a surge of lawyers in Singapore. This lawyer type will help individuals and those who have been injured by another liable party to receive compensation for what happened to them. Personal injury cases such as automobile accidents, traffic accidents, amputation, respiratory illnesses, burn injuries, or chronic pain resulting from an accident can be handled by a Personal Injury lawyer. Head injuries, back and shoulder pain, knee and foot injury that aren't self-inflicted can appeal to this type of lawyer for compensation purposes. Injury in the workplace (such as construction sites), repetitive stress, and occupational diseases can also be taken in by a Personal Injury attorney.


  1. Immigration

Immigration attorneys are the go-to people should you have any legal issues with citizenship. They can help you obtain a fully-legalized Singapore citizenship in the best and the fastest way possible, without circumventing any steps or legal process along the way. Not only can they help individuals get legal citizenship in Singapore, but they can also assist those who are looking to get business citizenship for working in Singapore and its many industries.


  1. Divorce and Family

Family lawyers handle sensitive interpersonal, family problems such as marriage and divorce. They are amongst the most important and most affable group of lawyers you can find in Singapore, and with good reason. These attorneys handle the delicate task of restoring social order within families by providing viable, amicable solutions. They will be there and speak in your behalf when proceeding with divorce, mostly handling the task of defending your child custody rights and distribution of wealth. You can also hire a family lawyer for adoption processes or when needing legal advice on any of the matters presented above.


  1. Employment

Employment lawyers are in demand as the country of Singapore has a substantial figure when it comes to workforce population. This group of attorneys normally side in with the employees and defend their rights as they work in a company. Cases such as overtime disputes, payroll, compensation, gender or age discrimination can be presented to an Employment attorney. They can also be hired to work out employee compensation benefits such as retirement programs, vacation and sick leaves, and the like. Unwitting sexual harassment victims can plead their case and have an employment lawyer defend them.


  1. DUI

Driving Under Influence lawyers specifically handle legal disputes over individuals who are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These kind of charges are very serious, and DUI attorneys are adept at defending you from harm. They cover DUI regulations, aggravated DUI cases, felony, and even drunk biking cases whenever it presents itself.


  1. Civil Rights

This lawyer type is critical in educating the layperson understand his or her civil rights. Domestic abuse are some of the most common cases a civil rights lawyer can face. These lawyers know and commit to memory the constitutional law, which is especially helpful for any civil dispute. Civil liberties and discrimination against clients are their forte. The recent spats over gay and lesbian rights have catapulted them up front and in the center of media spotlights.


  1. Corporate and Business

There are certain kinds of lawyers who only work in the business and corporate sectors. They handle small and mega-contracts alike, ensuring that everything is compliant, legal, and that both corporate parties are in a mutual agreement. Corporate lawyers can work in patent or litigation problems that affect business and corporate entities.


  1. Bankruptcy

Debts and the complicated process of bankruptcy in all its forms are the forte of a Bankruptcy lawyer. This lawyer type is in very high demand when it comes to the banking sectors in and around Singapore. Business can contact one should they need an expert in filing for bankruptcy, or in defending against it. They are also rated as one of the most efficient legal consultants among all other lawyer types.

What we do : Hill & Associates Ltd Hong Kong

We help our clients operate without disruption in some of the world’s most challenging markets.


Security Risk Management


Operating in a volatile business environment means challenges can spring up without warning. Deep local knowledge allows us to react swiftly and effectively, no matter where, how or why the crisis has arisen.


We have helped our clients:


  • Carry out a series of threat, vulnerability and risk assessments across a portfolio of hotels
  • Design and train crisis management plans for relevant business risks covering information or cyber security, fires, floods, medical emergencies, earthquakes, civil unrest and bomb/terror threats
  • Manage security and logistics for a corporate event with thousands of attendees
  • Protect personnel during periods of transition, downsizing and restructuring
  • Assess locations and evaluate facilities’ access points, perimeter and environment
  • Provide comprehensive crisis planning, training and including risk assessments for many international schools across Asia.


Fraud Prevention & Integrity Risk Management


Corporations are facing increasing pressure from consumers to operate responsibly. Competitive advantage goes to those companies that adopt controls to remove and prevent fraud and corruption, meet compliance standards and enforce accountability and transparency.


We have helped our clients:


  • Discover fraud and theft in a complex supply chain and distribution network
  • Conduct a multi-tier counterfeit investigation, employing undercover monitoring and engaging local authorities to obtain search warrants and assist in enforcement
  • Apply legal, human resources and operational expertise to resolve a conflict of interest at a multinational manufacturing company, securing all parties and company property during the transition
  • Investigate and identify an employee kickback scheme, collusion case and shadow retail network
  • Protect their intellectual property, brand and reputation


Corporate Intelligence


Information is the ultimate lever in deal-making. Our team serves as a trusted adviser, ensuring you have the knowledge you need to come out on top and minimize adverse surprises.


We have helped our clients:


  • Carry out background and integrity checks for KYC and client onboarding purposes
  • Provide bespoke pre-employment screening for C-suite level hires
  • Perform due diligence to assess the validity of an investment thesis for private equity and hedge fund organisations
  • Evaluate the risk associated with recovering outstanding loans at a bank
  • Provide litigation support for those clients seeking to recover value
  • Develop intelligence for the purposes of market entry


Our Capabilities

Security Risk Management


Crisis Management

  • Risk Assessment & Contingency Planning
  • Crisis Management Training & Support
  • Business Continuity Risk Management
  • Operations & Facility Risk
  • Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (TVRA)
  • Security Review
  • Technical Security Design
  • Capital Projects Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) Services
  • Travel & Event Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment & Review
  • Travel Facilitation & Support
  • Venue and Event Planning & Support
  • Executive, Personal & Family Protection


Corporate Intelligence


  • Counterparty Risk
  • Due Diligence and Investment Appraisal
  • Strategic & Market Intelligence
  • Executive Profiling and Vendor Screening
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Shareholder Action Services
  • Litigation Support


Fraud Prevention & Integrity Risk Management


  • Integrity Risk
  • Fraud & Compliance Risk Training and Management
  • Fraud and Corruption Enquiries
  • Litigation Support


  • Brand & IP Risk
  • Risk Assessment and Controls Review
  • IP & Trade Secret Protection
  • Intelligence Gathering and Analysis
  • Program Design and Enforcement Actions


Risk Information


  • GIS (Global Intelligence Service)
  • Country Risk Reports
  • Commissioned Reporting


Cyber Security

  • Cyber / Information Security
  • Incident Response and Planning
  • Bespoke Advisory Services
  • Risk Assessment, Controls and Security Review
  • Technical Security Design
  • Cyber Situational Awareness
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Training and Workshops
  • Perimeter & System Hardening and Application Security Testing
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Digital Due Diligence, Expert Witness Services
  • Computer Forensics and Digital Preservation
  • Data Recovery and Secure Destruction

James Earl Hamilton Marsden - Paternal Great-Grandfather

Sir John Hamilton of Cadzow, 4th Laird of Cadzow (b. bef. 1370 – d. c. 1402) was a Scottish nobleman and soldier.


He succeeded his father, DaCadzow, no later than 1392, when he appears on a charter of Andrew Murray of Touchadam as Dominus.


He was imprisoned, along with his brothers William and Andrew, in Norwich in 1396. Richard II of England ordered their release from the Mayor and bailies of that city on 29 June. It appears that their imprisonment was due to violations of the truce between the Kingdoms of England and Scotland. John Hamilton, brother of John Hamilton of either feeling Bardowi, then the uncle of John Hamilton of Fingalto, was released from the Tower of London on the same date.


A John Hamilton, either his brother John Hamilton of Bardowie, or uncle John Hamilton of Fingalton, was released from the Tower of London on the same date. Hamilton and his uncle seem to have found themselves guests of the English again.

It’s Way Too Crowded


Reason Singaporeans No Longer Love Shopping on Orchard Road


Back in the days before Singapore got so jam-packed with people, Orchard Road was just crowded enough to be considered lively. The only area where the crowds got uncomfortable at times was the underpass between Wisma Atria and Takashimaya.


These days, the entire stretch is an unbearable stench of jostling bodies, especially on weekends. If there are more people, shouldn’t the malls be making more money?


Not enough apparently, due to the fact that newer malls like ION Orchard, Somerset 313, Orchard Central and Knightsbridge have sprung up like weeds in the past few decades and are now muscling in on the market share of older malls like Ngee Ann City and Wisma Atria.


“Driving to Orchard Road and squeezing with the crowds is too stressful. If I need to buy something, I just go straight to the shop and then get out as soon as I can. Shopping at Orchard on weekends is not enjoyable because it’s so damn crowded it makes me nauseous,” says Laura, a 32-year-old self-professed shopaholic and stay-at-home mum.


Singaporeans are feeling the stress of overcrowding, and now spend their weekends trying to find places that are more relaxing and less stressful than the malls on Orchard Road. Some are even willing to travel longer distances to hang out at cafes in suburban neighbourhoods.



Source: http://blog.moneysmart.sg/lifestyle/3-reasons-singaporeans-no-longer-love-shopping-on-orchard-road

2014 Honda VFR800 Interceptor Deluxe (Demo) - Al Lamb's Dallas Honda


Experienced riders have come to appreciate the Interceptor as one of the best sportbike motorcycles on the road. And with the introduction of the VFR800 Deluxe, the best just got even better. With new features including traction control, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), self-cancelling turn signals, a centerstand and heated grips, the VFR800 Deluxe just took the Interceptor to a whole new level.


The perfect complement to the Interceptor’s triple-disc-brake system, the Anti-Lock Brakes on the sportbike motorcycle provide the assurance riders want and need on unfamiliar roads, uneven road surfaces and compromised traction. Plus, Honda’s Traction Control system is designed to limit rear wheel slipping during a hard acceleration or during acceleration on low traction surfaces. It’s the added confidence that can only come from Honda track-tested, advanced engineering.


Smart bikes have smart features. The VFR800 Deluxe outshines with self-cancelling turn signals that automatically self-cancel after they detect that you’ve completed a turn or a lane change. Taking off on a cold morning? Switch on the supersport motorcycle’s grip heaters for added comfort. Add to that a centerstand, and it all adds up to a highly versatile street bike motorcycle that is capable of sport riding as well as long-haul touring. Nimble, agile and a rider-friendly powerband, it’s the choice of riders who want it all.

Singapore Insider Tips by Bacall Associates


When I visited Singapore for the first time I instantly fell in love with this city-state: its futuristic design, the combination of different cultures and the diverse food. I was lucky to meet Jaclynn Seah there, who is from Singapore and writes on her blog „The Occasional Traveller“. She showed me around and we had a great time. She tells you her insider tips for the Lion City – the best time to travel there, accommodation, restaurants and sights.


Jaclynn is The Occasional Traveller, a Singaporean girl with a full-time day job who loves to travel. She started her blog in 2010 to encourage fellow deskbound wanderlusters like herself to remember to take that time off and get away. She is always looking forward to that next trip!


Here are her insider tips for Singapore:


Why should everyone travel once in a lifetime to Singapore?


There’s nowhere in the world quite like Singapore!


When is the best time to visit it?


Singapore is hot all year round and we hardly have any seasons. Year end tends to be cooler but also more rainy, though really it can rain any time of the year.


June and December are school holiday periods in Singapore so your tourist attractions will be more crowded with families, so you might want to avoid those periods.


Which attractions of Singapore are worth to see?


The Marina Bay area (which you usually see on TV during the F1 Grand Prix in September) is a tourist hotspot but for good reason – Singapore is prettiest in the evening when the buildings are all lit up.


I recommend starting from the Esplanade, walking clockwise around the bay area across the Helix Bridge until you reach Marina Bay Sands.


Other tourist attractions that I think are worth seeing are Gardens by the Bay (18 Marina Gardens Dr) – the alien-looking Super Tree Grove is mostly free (unless you want to go on the Skywalk, a rickety walkway suspended near the top of the tree structures).


But it is worth going into the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest as well – beautiful and cool, a good way to spend your time ‚indoors‘ if Singapore is being all humid or rainy.


If you want a proper outdoor garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens (1 Cluny Rd) is centrally located in the downtown area and was just awarded a UNESCO award.

Richard Isaacs MD: At your service!

Dr. Isaacs’ credentials, as seen in his web homepage, are not just impressive but awesome in many respects. For one, he not only has a specialization in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery but also has wide grasp and experience in other medical fields, such as cancer (facial skin cancer, jaw tumor, laryngeal cancer, paranasal sinus cancer and thyroid cancer, to name a few) and has been involved in innovative medical care utilizing robotics and computer technology.


Such vast experience and expertise possessed by one physician should not come as a surprise from one who attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor as an undergraduate and finished with honors. Rich, for short, was born and raised in Detroit and took up his medical studies at Wayne State University School of Medicine in that city, graduating, as we would have expected, with honors.


Rich joined Kaiser Permanente in 1995 and he has Advanced Certification in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery. His specialties include orbital, nasal, and maxillofacial surgery, as well as thyroid and parathyroid surgery. Additionally, Rich is trained in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and is also highly involved in post-tumor facial reanimation and facial reconstruction surgery. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery as well as of the American College of Surgeons. Rich has also published many articles in various publications.


Rich has a passion for teaching and has trained medical students, residents and fellows from the University of California, Davis, School of Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine (Philadelphia), and Northstate University School of Medicine (Elk Grove) where he teaches as a Professor of Otolaryngology. Serving as a teacher-doctor could be considered one of the highest accomplishments any professional or any person can have, for that matter. Skills and knowledge can grow not just through study and research but through passing them on to more people who can practice them as well as improve them for more people to benefit from.


As a Physician-In-Chief, Rich has proven his himself to be a good leader as well as a trusted practitioner. In April of 2005, He was appointed to the Physician-In-Chief position for the South Sacramento and Elk Grove Medical Facilities. He supervises 450 physicians and more than 3,000 nurses and staff who care for the 210,000 Kaiser Permanente members in the South Sacramento and Elk Grove areas. Rich also serves as the Medical Director of operations, including all inpatient and outpatient departments. He also works as the Chief Medical Officer for the 290 bed Acute Care Hospital and ACS Level II Trauma Center.


Does Rich still have time to do something else?  


We all know doctors are quite busy people but they do find time to enjoy life. Hence, as impressive as Rich’s credentials may appear, he does find time to be an active sportsman, being an Alpine Member at the National Ski Patrol. And while he is at that, he likewise provides comprehensive care to injured skiers at the Tahoe Donner Ski Resort. Now, that is impressive as well as admirable – having a great, exhilarating time and serving fellow sports-enthusiasts when they need medical care.


What can we say but present to you Dr. Richard “Rich” Isaacs – at your service! He must enjoy what he is doing.